Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

The law firm “Toradze and Partners” represents a service company which provides the legal support, advocacy activities and consultation about legal issues.

The company is focused on correct, fast, effective, qualitative and rational solution of the legal issues of our clients.

Essential priorities of our activity are: Fairness, client interests, fast results.

Sharing years of experience in different fields of law gained by our team members will help our clients in righteous and rational strategizing of any arose legal matters, explicit identification of the problem and if needed qualified redemption of it.

Working languages of the firm: Georgian, German, English and Russian.

Team members are equally distinguished by fundamental knowledge and experience in Georgian and legislation as well.

Our consulting activities are primarily based on problem identification and analysis then the seeking for effective ways of solving and finally accurate prediction of successful perspectives.

Our representative capacity/activity is focused on fast and effective results. Here with the advantages of using the instruments of legal activities are: Professionalism, Advocate’s Ethics, Absolute Confidentiality.

The main motivation plan of our team into the process of client's juridical support and provide his interests is directed to the abstract specification of the absolute risk of the client, the maximum possible prevention of latent risks while consensual interest of the contractor remains untouched.

Our aim is improving the service standard we have. Permanent training and certification for the purpose of improvement/amendment the qualification of our staff.

The main value of the company is to provide client satisfaction. The company’s main asset: Providing pro bono service for low social segment(underclass) people.

Team is completely politically neutral and not involved in political activities.

Your "Toradze & Partners" team.